We all know that beautiful images of properties, the decor inside, and their grounds sells, whether its your home or a room for a night in a luxury hotel. Images of gardens, pools and Spa’s conjure up desires for peace and pampering.

Your business needs quality images for advertising and for web site use. This could be for your restaurant or your car dealership.

Published in Self Build and Design Magazine (February 2018)

My charges are generally either hourly based or on the quantities of images required. It is very subjective and will be discussed in the initial consultation

My service will generally include providing the customer with an unlimited usage license in regard to property and commercial shoots.

I can provide the images in any format/file type to your requirements and deliver via a secure online gallery. I also cater for Google drive, Dropbox and most other services that may be required.

More details will be provided in the contract and terms and conditions when a photo shoot has been agreed

Equipment used for Architectural photography

Currently I use both the Sony A7R3 42MP and A73 24MP Full Frame cameras with the Zeiss Batis 18mm lens.

The A7R3 camera gives incredible detail, dynamic range and coupled with the Zeiss lenses, great contrast.

I have many low light lenses in addition to this, including the new 24mm F1.4 G Master - which allows me to get incredibly clean and low noise images in tight environments